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While in Session -

Please refrain from talking to me before your reading about issues you are having, you will have a much better reading for it.

The only information that I like to have about my client before their reading is their first name. All other information needs to come through the other side. Our brains are made to make rational assumptions and even the slightest information about my clients before hand can sometimes slant the reading and be enough to ruin the authenticity of my reading.

What about your birthday? Oh please! If an intuitive reader is asking you for your birthday before the reading, you can pretty much bet that you are getting a regurgitated mini astrology reading for your money. Believe me, all Scorpios act like Scorpios, yada yada!

I also do not make things up in readings. If I am seeing something in my head and you are in session with me, there is a reason for it. I may not ever know what it is, and it may take you months to remember, but there is a valid reason for it. If you discount what I say to you, then you may very well cheat yourself out of a life changing experience.

If you have trusted me so far as to set up an appt., and then give me your credit card information, then trust me that I am not just randomly throwing pictures and names at you.

More times than not, that name my client just can't connect to - is their brother, son, dad or mom. Having a valid intuitive reading can be jarring to say the least. When you really get it that you are talking to the other side, you may forget many things about yourself, just write down everything and then you will have it on paper when you remember later.

I do not know you, or the people who are using me as a liaison to communicate to their loved ones back here on earth. It is my job to see it and relay it to you, and your job to make sense of it and remember who is talking to you.

Sessions are amazing experiences that can absolutely help you get from point A to Z and heal.

Enjoy your session, don't be afraid and just relax!


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