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F A Q's and The truth about Psychic Stuff

"Intuition","Intuitive", mean the same thing as psychic, channel etc...Intuition and intuitive are gentler terms, and much more user friendly than psychic.

Over the years, the word psychic has been shanghi-ed by criminals masquerading, as true intuitives, as a means to scam money from uneducated, needful people. Intuition, is something we all have that should be held in the highest regard. It is our sixth sense that tells us when something is not right. Regardless of who you are listening to for advice, your own sense of intuition should be followed, above all else.

Remember this...If it doesn't feel right, its not right for you.

Praying over rocks, crystals, charms etc...

I cannot see a situation where prayer hurt anything. However, if you are being told that you must pay someone hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars so they can "pray" for you, in any shape form or fashion, to release you from harm, of any shape form or fashion, you are being lied to and scammed. Does this sound reasonable or rational to you? You need to follow your own intuition to deal with your situation.

NO ONE and I mean NO ONE, can do something for you better than you can do for yourself, and that includes prayer. Common sense is just as important to you as your eyesight, use them both. God gave you both types of sight to help you through this world.

Should I see an intuitive about my health issue?

I have certainly answered many questions over the years about peoples health. I always make sure that they understand that I am not a doctor and that they should continue to see and listen to their doctor's advice concerning any medical issue that they have. If you have a question about your doctor's advice then get a second opinion from another doctor. If you feel that you should ask about your health issue in a reading, then do so, and consult a doctor.

Mental Health and Intuition

No, I don't think that people who are intuitive are crazy. I think that truth be told, although maybe not in a terribly public way, most mental health care providers are getting the picture that it is not a mental illness either. It is a sad, but true fact, some people's mind's do not work correctly. Mental illness is an illness. If you are being seen by a mental health care provider, you should continue to do so until they advice you other wise.

I do get the message from spirit that there are labels such as ADD, ADHD that are used a bit too frequently. That aside, changing your medications or mental health care is not a call for an intuitive to make. See your doctor about that type of question.

While in Session with Carla Mae

Carla Mae reads all over the world to all walks of life, from celebrities,doctors, lawyers and government agencies, to everyday housewife types of people.

First, you will be able to connect to your Angels, Guides or Loved Ones that have crossed to the Other Side. Since they are all knowing, in pure spirit form, they know every aspect of your life from health and career matters to love and relationships. Only those that love and care for you are allowed to provide messages to you, via Carla Mae.

Secondly, you can ask as many questions as you wish- as Carla Mae will communicate to your higher self, loved ones and/or Angels to hear the answers to your questions.

Before this great shift started, questions commonly found were those regarding love and happiness, career moves, health matters, legal issues, locating lost items, answers to finding joy and happiness, and for many - closure with a deceased loved one.

Today, many more people are attuned to the higher vibration and more angels are talking during session, with fewer relatives coming through. Carla Mae feels this is the sign of the times, where we need direction from our higher selves more than comfort from our family on the other side. Today's session's are reflecting much more spiritual connection, even on the level of just normal everyday people...we are all going through it together!

NO worries, with each and every person's session being completely different - you can expect to feel both relaxed and excited by your session with Carla Mae, for you are participating in a unique experience!


What makes Carla Mae different from other psychics?
The same thing that makes one dentist different than the next...experience, a sparkling personality, and expertise.

What is the difference between a psychic/intuitive and a psychic/intuitive medium?
Everyone is born with psychic or intuitive abilities. Remember, they mean the same thing ie: sixth sense, or ability to see beyond the obvious. A person who has mediumistic abilities simply just has the natural talent of communicating with the spiritual realm.

Channelling is the act of listening to the other side and communicating the perceived messages back here. We all really have the ability to channel, the difference is being able it on command, or for other people and make sense of what you are seeing. Did you know, many great composers actually channelled their music!

How could a session with Carla Mae help your life?
I once had a person ask me what a "dead" person (although, we don't die) could possibly have to say to us that a living person could not?

The answer to that question is...the other side has no motive for telling us one thing over another. They have no attachment to the outcome of their words. So, if they are suggesting that you do one thing or another, you might want to pay attention. Now if your neighbor is trying to tell you to do something over another, consider the source, be prudent and use both of your eye sights, both physical and intuitive to make your decision!

Does Carla Mae use Tarot Cards, crystals, glass balls, dice, chickens, or swizzle sticks in her sessions?

Carla Mae is the "real deal" and she uses her sense of intuition and chakras to do her sessions. She doesn't need tools such as tarot cards or divination tools to assist her in her readings.

She loves chickens, she has two in her backyard, they are named Obama and Biden because they are survivors, just like their namesakes. As for dice and swizzle sticks, she refuses to touch them during sessions... all other times are open for discussion!

Am I really talking to the real Carla Mae or a network of psychics?
You will only talk to the real Carla Mae. Be careful when calling psychic services that offer 24 hour sessions. USE your reasonable and rational judgement when selecting an intuitive to do your session. If arrested - would you hire a, round the clock, on-demand bank of lawyers?

Does Carla Mae offer free readings?
Carla has been known at times to offer her services pro bono. If you are wanting a "sample" reading, please refer to your post office. Do they give out a sample book of stamps? Does the spa give out a sample massage? Of course not, again, be reasonable.

Can Carla Mae help me find something that I have lost?
Possibly. Carla has helped people find items such as rings, papers, etc...even a ferret! Have an open mind when having a session, spirit is in charge of what they talk about, and they might be able to direct you to your wayward item. Then again, they might have something much more important to talk to you about in the short time frame they are in connection with you, via Carla Mae.

How much is a session. How long is the session and how do I book it now!
For the first time in her career, Carla is only accepting hour long sessions. This is due to the fact that many times, even though she only was paid for a half hour, she gave an hour's reading, because the client needed it. With so much chaos and shifting happening around us, she feels an hour is necessary to touch on all the issues in people's lives.

When life calms down, she may go back to offering half hour time slots again.

An hour session is 180.00 - same price as before, it is worth it.

Click here to book your appt. immediately online with Carla or call her office between the hours of 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST to book with her.




What is Mediumship?

A medium is a person who is able to connect to the vibrations of loved ones that have passed away, Spirit Guides, Angels and The Ascended Masters. Everyone is capable of "connecting" to the vibrations of spirit. There are many ways that the medium receives messages: either by hearing (clairaudience), seeing (clairvoyance) or feeling (clairessence).

Symbols are the language of the universe. Most of the time, spirit will show a symbol to the medium in order to deliver the message. For example, in one reading spirit showed me fireworks. I was reading for a client whose mother died right after the Fourth of July.

Working with spirit as a medium resembles a "sounds like" game. They will use any way possible to get the message across to the medium. They often use songs, pictures and names of well-known people to get their messages to us. Our loved ones in spirit are with us ALL the time. If they try to connect to you (without the aid of a medium) they may try using smells that are familiar to you, or you might suddenly think of them ... just as "their" song comes on the radio, or your house could repeatedly make popping or settling sounds. These are all ways that spirit tries to reconnect with us.

When we die we take our consciousness with us. We still feel the love that we felt here for our family and friends. At the time of death, we obviously no longer need a physical body - it can be likened to a suit of armor. In the spirit world, that suit is no longer necessary, so it is shed and left behind.

However, our mental and emotional bodies go with us. Spirit has the advantage, because they can see their world AND ours. Our vision is limited to this realm - unless developed to greater stages of awareness. In a way, there is a one-way mirror between our world and theirs. They can see us, but we can't see them.

Many times, I am asked the question, "What good is connecting to them?" Well, that is a personal question that deserves a personal answer. What it means to me is the reassurance that I WILL again see my family that I love and miss. I also feel very much at peace knowing that we do go on; death is not stopping, it is a rebirth! I have seen how greatly connecting to one's family or Guides and Angels can, and does, change peoples' lives in beautiful ways.

"I really do not have any special family member that has died. Can you still do a reading for me?"

Of course! Every Medium has the ability to see energy around a person and what direction it is moving in. I half about a 50/50 ratio to my readings. Half of my clients need to connect to a lost loved one and the other half need assistance with what direction their life is going in. I can assist you either way, or with both!

"How can you do a reading for me via telephone?"

Have you ever seen a voice vibration pattern where it shows a graph of the sounds a person's vocal cords make? Every voice has a unique pattern and vibration, much like a fingerprint. When I connect to a person 's energy for the purpose of doing a reading, I am connecting into their voice fingerprint. No two people will have the same pattern. This is how I can read over the phone or on the radio. If I can hear your voice, then I can read for you. I have even read for people via telephone as far away as Europe.

"Why can't my family members on the other side just tell you what they need to say instead of showing you symbols?"

They can. And they do often times just talk into my head giving me literal sounds and words to deliver to my client. This direct form of communication is much harder for Spirit to deliver sometimes. It is easier and faster if they show me symbols rather than try to speak through spelling out words or getting words confused. Remember they are talking to me through a long distance connection, it is easy to hear the wrong implication. There are three things that make a reading a success and rewarding experience for all parties involved. They are:

1) My ability as a Medium to bring my level of vibration up to meet theirs and my ability to clear my thoughts out of my head so they can talk to me.
2) Spirit's ability to send me their thoughts, memories and messages to me through their own abilities. This comes in the form of a mind to mind connection between us.
3) And YOUR ability to remember and recognize what they are saying to you. And often times they bring up things that may have happened to you years before that are not at the front of your mind. They do this because I need them to deliver information that is very personal and unique to you that is not researchable.

"Psychic people scare me. Doesn't the Bible say it is a sin to go to a Psychic?"

I was raised Baptist, so I totally understand the whole you will burn for what you do theory. As a matter of fact, when I realized that I wasan Intuitive, I was pretty terrified, of myself. I do not wish to sway anyone's opinion about what I do. What each of us choose to do is our own business. I will say, that there are many things that I believe are written in the Bible that are not necessarily in line with today's idea of correctness. There are MANY prophets in the Bible and to say it is not of God, is not a correct statement.

As quoted from my guestbook from a client:

" I believe in your gift from God for he so stated in 1Corinthians 12 through Paul, that "SPIRITUAL GIFTS" are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines. God Bless "