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"Believing In Paradise" by Carla mae


Believing in Paradise takes a light-hearted journey through the quirky lives of the residents of a sleepy, cul-de-sac in Paradise, Georgia. After a series of phenomenal visits from their deceased relatives, each finds their view of life and death changed dramatically. Is there really life after death? Can our loved ones communicate with us? What is the after-life really like? These questions and more are answered as the veil between the spirit world and that of Georgia is lifted.

"I loved it. Although it was written as fiction, it will open up many avenues of awareness for people."-Rev. Isabelle Moll, St. John's Church Of Faith, Allentown, PA

"This heartwarming story paints a vivid tale of contact with the spirit dimension and provides comfort to anyone who's suffered the loss of a loved one "-Tony Cecala, Ph.D., Publisher, Holistic Networker

"What an enjoyable read."-J. Cooke, Lily Dale, NY

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