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Prior to hosting "Messages," Carla Mae had proven to be a tremendous ratings boost time and again in radio, personal appearances, print and eventually television. Carla Mae has devoted over a decade to helping people gain closure, understanding about life, their loved ones crossing, and assist those needing guidance in their own spiritual journey.

Carla Mae first gained national recognition by guest appearing weekly on Young Country's "AW Pantoja Show," Soon after, AW made her his
"Official Psychic" with many listeners waiting on hold for up to an hour to talk with her. Carla then hosted her own radio show "Continuing Connections" while guest appearing on radio shows and performing live audience appearances from coast to coast.

Carla Mae on TV
Carla Mae is featured above with Christine McLarty on CBS11 in Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas in 2005.

A published author, Carla Mae wrote, or rather transcribed, "Believing in Paradise" a story the other side dictated to her. "One of the most amazing accomplishments in my career," Carla herself has commented on the mind blowing experience of writing the angels story.

In the Beginning...
"Carla Mae - Psychic Medium, TV Show Host, Spiritual Teacher and Author Uses Her Ability To Help People All Over the World."

The Spiritual Side uses Carla Mae as a channel in showing others there is much more to ourselves than the material, physical world that we see and touch. With her Guides, Angels and God's assistance, she was able to pull herself from a chronic depression and chose to live a positive and meaningful life.
Following a profoundly challenging period in her life, Carla Mae was directed to a psychic medium that provided her with answers she had long been seeking regarding her life.

By simply adjusting her mental habits and utilizing the truths found in her Spiritual Guides and family on the other side, Carla Mae was able to reshape her life in a newly profound way. Carla Mae found that she had been gifted with an amazing talent, spiritual mediumship.

All over the world is true! Carla has performed phone readings as far away as Iraq, and Canada!
In answer to her angels prompting, Carla has taken on their updated title for her,
"Intuitive Liaison", and is open to see what direction her career will take her, With major awakenings upon our planet, assisting others in understanding, acceptance and embracing the profound spiritual changes that we are all undergoing seems to be the pathway her angels have laid before her.

"Letting go of the outcome, and trusting ones own intuition" is the way our lives are moving into. The best thing we can do is just allow, and remember that spirituality is not mystical, but the basis of who we essentially are, something to embrace, not fear!

Change is a good thing, but Carla Mae will continue to deliver her "out of this world" ability with humor and compassion - making her "America's Favorite" Intuitive Liaison!

Carla Interview Clip
Click above to watch a brief
interview with Carla Mae.

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"Official Psychic"
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99.9FM Chicago
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