The biggest misconception the general public has of professions that are "psychic" related is that they are black and white. Either 100% correct and evidentially provable, or a scam!

There is not one profession on this planet that is expected to be 100% guaranteed, all the time, with immediate provable evidence. For example, have you ever had surgery? How many pre-op legal forms did you have to sign to cover your very trust worthy, highly-credible heart surgeon? You signed all those forms because, God happens, and your surgeon couldn't guarantee that once he opened your chest to fix your heart, everything would go as planned? Did you get your test results immediately or did you have to wait to see what they said?

Sometimes we do not get immediate answers to the questions that we ask, sometimes we don't get answers to those questions at all! It is in those times when a good intuitive is honest about not having all the answers. Psychic, intuitive, medium, channel does not mean "all knowing." Everyone can handle the truth, they just might not like it. Like every other profession, intuitive sessions are not 100% guaranteed.


Historically, Spirituality has been considered by many to be a mystical energy. In reality, it is an organic energy. Connecting to our souls and the place where our souls originate, is as organic to our human lives as dirt is to the earth. Much like dirt, spirituality touches every part of our beings. It feeds us, it sustains us, gives us a place to plant our feet so to speak.

I believe the shift that we are all currently experiencing will bring spirituality into a more tangible, less threatening way of viewing this energy. Just as our collective view points have changed over time with other issues, I feel strong that we will soon openly embrace our spiritual origins again.

For one to stand in their spirituality as an advisor, and or teacher, choosing to have light energy around them is a must. I insist on and endlessly preach, that standing in the white light of God is imperative to beneficial spiritual living.
br> For me, there is no other option, than to use my ability to connect to the spiritual realm in a positive manner.

Being a "lightworker" is simple. Bring light to our place and assist those who have lost it to find it once again!


Liaison: is a means of communication between two groups, originating from the French, meaning "to bind."

As a Liaison, Carla Mae serves as a connection for those on both sides of the spiritual veil, both living and in spirit form.

Psychic Medium - Carla Mae, TV and Radio Show Host, Uses Her Ability To Help People All Over the World.

As well as taking one on one phone readings, Carla Mae guest appears on radio and television programs around the country (see below: movie and audio clips), and has recently been selected to host her own TV show, "Messages with Carla Mae."

"Messages" features stories of connecting families to their loved ones on the other side, as well as investigations of the paranormal and hauntings, mysterious "orbs" (moving balls of light), miraculous healings and Angel sightings.

By reconnecting people to their loved ones in attempt to reach understanding, healing, closure and or missing information, Carla Mae teaches people how to live their lives surrounded in Joy.

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